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Full Collection Service

Our professional collectors work the account along with our own collection letters. When collection is made, commission is taken at the agreed upon rates. With your permission, we will file claims in Small Claims Court.


The following information details Collection Specialist Inc.'s Collection Agreement for Service. These terms are applied when you forward accounts to us. Reduced rates are available for higher volumes.

The commission payable to Collection Specialist Inc., hereinafter called the Agents, for collecting retail accounts will be 35 percent. A retail account is an account where the debtor is an individual or a non-operating business during the collection period. The rates apply to each account.

Commercial Accounts are at a Flat 25% rate for debts up to 1 year old. collected (debtors who are companies or individuals conducting a business still in operation)

NOTE: Special rates available for multiple listings


A commission of 50% is applicable to any of the following: accounts under $100.00 accounts previously listed with another agency or accounts older than one year

The Creditor hereby agrees to report to the Agents, every payment or returned merchandise made to the Creditor. Direct payments are subject to full applicable commission. Returned merchandise is subject to half the applicable commission applied to the retail value.

The Agents agree that legal action will not be taken against a debtor without the written authorization of the Creditor. There is a separate fee structure for legal actions. Accounts collected where legal action has begun are subject to 10% Commission on any collected amounts. Please see fee structure for legal actions.

From time to time, the Agents will request advanced disbursements from the Creditor for legal action. Most disbursements are added to the claim, and if legal action is successful, disbursements can be collected as well.

Accounts may be cancelled with ninety days written notice, except where collection is being achieved or legal action has been commenced.

The Agents, under this agreement, may deposit into its Trust Account all cheques received by the Agents, made payable to the Creditor.

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