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Pre-Collection Service

Collection Specialist Inc. is pleased to offer a very valuable service to any business. You will improve your in-house collections, thereby reducing your outside collection costs. All the costs involved in this system are pre-paid. To find out more information, select one of the following options:

Collection Specialist Inc.'s Pre-Collection Coupon Book Information

What is the purpose of Collection Specialist Inc.'s collection letter system?
To help you collect your slow paying accounts so that your debtors will pay you directly.

The system also initiates a response from a debtor. For example, upon receipt of these letters, the debtor may contact you to set up a payment plan.

How does the system work?
You complete the appropriate information on the Pre-Collection Coupon and mail or fax it to us.

Collection Specialist Inc. immediately sends the first in a series of three collection letters to the debtor, telling them to pay you directly. The letters are sent over a five week period.

Collection Specialist Inc.'s name & logo appear on the letter for effectiveness.

How effective is the letter system? How do I achieve the best collection results?
The faster you register your slow paying accounts with Collection Specialist Inc.'s collection letter system, the higher your collections will be. The statistics show that you should definitely register your accounts before they reach 90 days.

Keep in contact with our office throughout the pre-collection period. We need to know when you collect or when you want to stop the service for any other reason.

You should make contact with the debtor. Your phone calls coupled with Rampart's letters are more effective and will help you achieve better collection results.

What type of accounts are not recommended for the collection letter service?
Accounts that are one year or older are difficult to collect with just letters.

Accounts where the debtor has informed you that he or she will not pay regardless of circumstances.

In these cases Collection Specialist Inc. recommends that you register the accounts for full regular collection.

What is the commission charged if the account is collected during the pre-collection period?
You pay no commission to Collection Specialist Inc. during the Pre-Collection service.

Do you report my slow paying accounts to reporting agencies?
Accounts are reported to Equifax Canada and the Credit Bureau of Southern Ontario.

What happens if I don't collect?
Collection Specialist Inc. will send you a letter giving you the option to list the account for full regular collection with our agency. Our skip tracers and professional collectors will use professional collection techniques to collect the account.

How do I order a coupon book?
Fill out the online form and submit it to us. We will ship you the pre-collection book with enough coupons for 20 accounts, along with our invoice.

PROBLEM Some of your accounts owe you money. They ignore your requests for payment. Delinquent accounts cause cash flow problems.
SOLUTION Let Collection Specialist Inc. Collection Agency send letters to your debtors.
THE LETTERS TELL YOUR DEBTORS TO PAY YOU. You can instruct us to stop service any time. We pay the first class postage. Our letters together with our name and logo indicating a solid collection company, are much more effective. Because your name, address and phone number appear on the letter, the debtor will QUICKLY MAKE PAYMENT TO YOU.
PRICE The price to you is as low as $3.00 per letter, regardless of the amount that is owed to you! This works out to only $9.00 per account (3 letters per account, twenty account minimum.) We pay all postage.
FREE HELP LINE We have free telephone support to answer any of your questions at any time.
GUARANTEE You must collect more money than you spent for our service, or we will give you a FULL REFUND. PERIOD.

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